Saturday Seven - Upcycle (The Sequel)

Here we go again! Too many good recycling ideas for one post!

1. Two-Tie Sling - This tutorial from Betz White shows you exactly how simple it is to make a little tote out of two castoff neckties. It would be the perfect size for, say, a day walking around a city and is perfectly sized for the tourist essentials (camera, chapstick, debit cards, ID, mini sunscreen).

2. Crocheted Wire Hangers - What do you do with all those wire hangers you get back from the cleaners? Well, most cleaners take them back, but if you're feeling a little more creative, Redux Designs has a great tutorial on making crocheted hangers using a little leftover yarn.

3. Egg People - This would be a fun project for kids (or anyone, really). The cost is practically nothing, just use some eggshells and whatever seeds you have on hand plus some dirt. The treasure is in the anticipation! From Stripy Sock Studio.

4. Jug Storage - Check out this idea from Instructables user Randofo. Cheap and very effective for the super organized types. I suppose you could paint these. How fantastic would this be in a craft room or the Gosselins' garage?

5. Hoodie Laptop Sleeve - How cute is this laptop sleeve? The pocket would be useful for carrying disks or extra cords. From instructables user TabLeft.

6. Fabric Pom Pom - This tute from Molly Chicken shows us how to make a sweet fabric pom pom using leftover fabric scraps. This would be adorable in a little girl's room!

7. Pincushion Ring - This idea from Early Bird Special will keep you from using your couch, carpet or jeans as a pincushion from now on! Using a pull tab from a carton, she's created this handy dandy pincushion ring. Looks super simple!

1 comment:

Gladys said...

Thank you for including my crochet wire hanger tutorial!! You found some other great tutorials - I really need to make a pincushion ring so I can keep up with my needles better!

Gladys/Redux Designs

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