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Thrift Store Table Makeover

I'm SO excited to have made it through to Week 3 of One Month to Win It!  This is the project that got me through Week 2 (and just barely won the week)!

So, I was at the thrift store and I spotted this hideous table.  It had good bones, but the hinges were all shoddy (pins were missing and replaced with Q-tips.  Q-TIPS, people!!) and it was seriously not-my-style.  But the price was low.  They were practically giving it away.  So I kept making my way back to it and finally decided (against my husband's pleas to please not bring anything else for the garage) to bring it home!  And boy, am I glad I did!

I started out by removing the hinges, cleaning it up and sanding it down.  Then I applied a couple coats of primer and allowed that to dry.  

I painted the whole thing with DecoArt Designer Series All-Purpose Home Decor Acrylic in Lush Foliage.  I LOVE this stuff.  I put on just two coats and everything was completely covered!  You know when you're making something and you get an endorphin rush because of how great it's turning out?  DecoArt Designer Series in Lush Foliage = endorphin rush.  

Once the paint was dry, I added brand new hinges and freehanded some polka dots on the top of the table and filled them in with DecoArt Traditions Artist acrylic in Warm White. 

I gave it a day or so to dry and sprayed it with a poly coat.

The best part is that it was cheap!  A little goes a long way with the DecoArt paints I used, so I still have several projects left out of them.  

What do you think?  Worlds better, right?  I think it'll go perfectly in my craft room! :)

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Revamped Chess Set

Now that voting is closed, I can share the project I did NOT enter in the competition.  I fondly refer to this as my reject project. :)

I snagged this chess set from a friend and loved the scroll detail on the sides, but wanted something a little softer.

I decided on DecoArt Traditions Artist acrylics in Warm White and Aquamarine.  I gave the black chess pieces a base coat of Warm White and repainted the board and white chess pieces in Warm White also.  Once they were dry, I painted the black chess pieces with the Aquamarine and stenciled Aquamarine squares on the chess board.  In real life, the color is greener, but it's pretty difficult to photograph. 

*Quick tip: if you have small things to dry, stick some push pins into foam board and set the pieces on top - no more sticking to the surface!

Then I mixed DecoArt Traditions Glazing Medium with a little bit of black paint (little goes a long way!) and mixed in water to thin it out.  I distressed the board and chess pieces with the Glazing Medium by painting it on with a foam brush and wiping it off with gauze.  I am so happy with how the glazing brought out the scroll design!

To finish it off, I hit just the board with some spray adhesive and sprinkled a little bit of DecoArt Glamour Dust in Crystal over the top to girly it up a little bit.

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Book Page Pom Wreath

Now that we've got Halloween over with, it's time to get Christmas decorating, am I right?  I've got a stash of books just begging to become awesome.  So I obliged.  Just in case you, too, have a sad little book hanging around that wants to become a wreath, here's how:

You will need eleventy billion glue sticks. That's not an exact number, just a ballpark figure.


Updated Tip:  I put 2 or 3 sheets together to cut them and then separated them back out for the next step.

When I was done filling in gaps, I smacked a bow on that puppy and called it done!  

Here it is hanging on a straight pin I stuck in the wall (um, don't tell my husband). 

And here it is on my door. :)

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Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle Photobucket


Dear Jane

I made this wreath for my Secret Sister at church. Her name is Jane. Jane does so much for our church that I was thrilled to have the opportunity to do something for her. I am so blessed to have her in my life!

I used this tutorial from Living with Lindsay. I then added a wood letter from Joann that I painted and strung up with a ribbon.


Seven x Seven - Wreaths and Garlands

Nothing says Happy Holidays like a wreath on the door and a garland over the mantle!

1. Scrappy Wreath - It's good to know there's a cute, useful project (from Lindamade) I can do with the massive bag of fabric scraps in my closet.

2. Felt Garland - Anna Maria Horner's felt garland can be switched up for any occasion. I bet you could even embroider the circles to spell out a holiday message!

3. Candy Garland - Another scrappy holiday project, this time from Kelly at Trans-craft-inental using a tutorial from CraftBits.

4. Christmas Garland - Red and White yo-yo garland from twolimeleaves on Flickr. Visit her blog here.

5. Recycled Wreath - I'm sure not everyone has enough fabulous vintage ornaments lying around their house to make this wreath from Everyday Beauty, but there's a tutorial in case you do! It's yummy, isn't it? You can visit Andrea's shop to find some vintage treasures of your own.

6. Paper Wreath - Haru uses a variety of new, used and vintage papers to make this beautiful wreath. I never thought paper could be so pretty!

7. Fluffy Wreath - My door is begging for this wintry wreath! Creative Kismet even gives instructions to make your own.


Thrifty Quick Tip 2

When you're filling out Christmas cards, don't toss the ones you mess up. Save them and make tiny paper boxes, perfect for gifting jewelry and other small trinkets.

Instructions here, although I'd recommend drawing lines on the wrong side using a ruler instead of the first two initial folds for a cleaner look.


Saturday Seven - Upcycle (The Final Installment)

The saga draws to a close...

1. Cakestands - I have been scouring thrift stores for white vases ever since I first saw this tutorial from Design*Sponge. This is what to do with that plate that you've been hanging onto for sentimental reasons that no longer has a matching family.

2. Paint Caddy - Made from a milk carton, this caddy is the perfect size for little ones. This tute from Maya*made also includes intructions for an easel.

3. Paper Beads - A new take on the paper bead from Folding Trees uses any old scraps you've got lying around, a paper punch and some glue. Simple and sweet.

4. Book Handbag - Not for those opposed to ripping apart a book, this video from Curbly shows you how to turn an old hardcover into a new handbag.

5. Soup Can Organizer - I love the simple retro look of these soup cans used to organize crafts, office supplies or even kitchen utensils! From Laissezfaire.

6. Shark Bites & More - Another great idea from plum pudding! Get the kids involved with decorating and renaming these common spices and let me know if it encourages them to eat their veggies! Also a great alternative to drowning the healthy stuff in butter or cheese.

7. Pumpkin Coffee Canister - Hello, Adorable! Save your coffee canisters and take a peek at this tutorial from Crafty Daisies to make it into a bucket for, say, trick-or-treating. I'm sure you could modify the design to make an Easter Basket or everyday toy tote.


Saturday Seven - Upcycle (The Sequel)

Here we go again! Too many good recycling ideas for one post!

1. Two-Tie Sling - This tutorial from Betz White shows you exactly how simple it is to make a little tote out of two castoff neckties. It would be the perfect size for, say, a day walking around a city and is perfectly sized for the tourist essentials (camera, chapstick, debit cards, ID, mini sunscreen).

2. Crocheted Wire Hangers - What do you do with all those wire hangers you get back from the cleaners? Well, most cleaners take them back, but if you're feeling a little more creative, Redux Designs has a great tutorial on making crocheted hangers using a little leftover yarn.

3. Egg People - This would be a fun project for kids (or anyone, really). The cost is practically nothing, just use some eggshells and whatever seeds you have on hand plus some dirt. The treasure is in the anticipation! From Stripy Sock Studio.

4. Jug Storage - Check out this idea from Instructables user Randofo. Cheap and very effective for the super organized types. I suppose you could paint these. How fantastic would this be in a craft room or the Gosselins' garage?

5. Hoodie Laptop Sleeve - How cute is this laptop sleeve? The pocket would be useful for carrying disks or extra cords. From instructables user TabLeft.

6. Fabric Pom Pom - This tute from Molly Chicken shows us how to make a sweet fabric pom pom using leftover fabric scraps. This would be adorable in a little girl's room!

7. Pincushion Ring - This idea from Early Bird Special will keep you from using your couch, carpet or jeans as a pincushion from now on! Using a pull tab from a carton, she's created this handy dandy pincushion ring. Looks super simple!
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