Seven x Seven - Ornaments

I've been neglectful. I'm sorry. To make it up to you, I'll be doing a special series of Sevens. Seven days of Seven things, all holiday related. I'll be better at this. I promise.

Today, ornaments. Yay for ornaments! They're my second favorite part of Christmas, after giving stuff to people. Which is seriously my favorite thing. You can't feel as bad about spending money when you're shopping for someone else, right?

1. The Fir-Girl Ornaments - Adorable felt ornaments from (Inside A Black Apple). You can visit Emily's shop here to see some of her other fantastic artwork. The ornaments remind me of this drawing I did in kindergarten:

The writing says "Oh how I wish that I could be a tiny, shiny Christmas tree". Clearly, I didn't think that this was a good idea. In fact, I refused to draw it, but then the teacher made me.

2. Beaded Snowflakes - A fun and easy craft that the kids can do from Betz White, using an idea from Family Fun Magazine.

3. Fabric Birds - These birds are so sweet, especially with their teeny little scarves. From Jane and the ducks.

4. Birdie Scene Ornaments - Do you ever see something and actually gasp aloud because of how much you love it? Instantly. That's how I feel about these ornaments from MendyTexas.

5. Little House Ornament - I think the plumpness of this little house from Pip Stitch makes it all the more charming.

6. Ribbon Pinecone Ornament - This would be so easy to modify for other holidays and you could use your leftover ribbon scraps. From Jenna.

7. Clay Snowperson Ornament - This ornament from A Box Living seems simple enough for anyone to make. Once you make them, you could personalize them for a whole snow family!

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Patty said...

I did not expect to see my house here. :) And, I really like that pinecone ornament.

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