Saturday Seven - Children's Accessories

Check out the "Save Handmade" button on my sidebar, then check these out:

1. Baby Gift Set - Two super sweet burp cloths and an appliqued onsie, all on sale from MERICREATIONS.

2. Mini Monkey Flap Hat - OMGosh these little hats from citefuzz are adorable!

3. Kool Kid Legs - I love that these warmers from mamarunswithscissors work on arms or legs and for boys or girls.

4. Car Seat Strap Covers - rubyjean has all her cute strap covers on clearance. Get 'em while you can!

5. Custom Tutu - I added this not only because I love it, but because GreenEyedLillies gives you a glimpse of the prices you'll be paying for handmade children's items if this law isn't amended. Check out her post on the issue.

6. Baby Sling - Baby slings are just one of those must-have items, especially those that can adjust with your child, like this one form libertyworth. Check out her blog, too!

7. Snail Clippie - Sally the Snail would love to find a home on the head of your little girl! From hairsprinkles, whose whole shop is on sale.

Please please please do what you can to help these shops out. I don't think most people realize how many shops are going to go out of business because of this new law. If enough people make a big enough deal, we can make a change. Sign the petition, email your congressmen and call your local newspapers and news stations!


mamarunswithscissors said...

thanks for including my leg warmers in you saturday seven!


a BIG THANK YOU for helping to get the word out about CPSIA law.

hairsprinkles said...

Thank you so much for featuring SALLY THE SNAIL in your Saturday Seven!! I appreciate it SO MUCH!!
Lets keep our fingers and toes crossed that we can SAVE HANDMADE!!

GreenEyedLillies said...

Thank you for bringing the CPSIA law up. It needs a lot more exposure.

Thank you so much for including my tutu in your Saturday Seven too!

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