Saturday Feature - Bloggers With Big Hearts

I thought it would be fitting for Valentine's Day to feature my favorite big-hearted bloggers. These bloggers have taken the time to raise awareness about something important to them.

In no particular order and without further ado:

C Jane Enjoy It - Blogged for her sister Nie* while she was recovering from a plane crash. More importantly, took care of Nie's children while Nie was in recovery.

Meet Me at Mike's - All over the Australian Wildfire relief effort. I'm pretty sure the last dozen posts are about how you can help, even if you're not in Australia.

...where laughter lives: The Riggs Family - Adoptive parents of seven kids, this blog started as a way to chronicle their lives. Lately it has been consumed with the progress of their daughter Abby, who was diagnosed with Leukemia last July.

A Whimsical Bohemian - Started One World, One Heart, an event aimed at bringing together bloggers from around the world.

inspirecompany - She's a foster mom who's about to get her second group of foster kids. She lays it all out there and she really is inpiring. Like, I've been practically begging Daniel to let us foster some kids. One day!

Do you know of a blog I should list here? Just leave the link and reason in a comment!

*Don't forget today is Love for Nie Day - the day to replace all "Donate to Nie" buttons with "I Read Nie" buttons.

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