Bumping up my Karma Meter

If you're a Craftster member, then you know about craft swaps. The idea is to pair swappers up, who will then craft things for each other according to a theme. Sometimes people flake and sometimes the packages get lost in the mail. When this happens, they call for Angels, who will craft a package for the swapper without anything in return (except for Friend of Craftster status).
I recently sent an angel package for the Christmas stocking swap and decided to share what I made with you.
First, the stocking:
I had a little embroidery sample I had been freehanding on and decided to use it with some leftover fabric charms I had from a quilt top I put together. I just winged (wung?) the whole thing since I didn't have (or care to look for) a pattern.
And some of the loot:


Felt Mushroom Brooch - I got the idea from 5 Orange Potatoes.
Felt Ponytail Holders - From tutorial at vlijtig.

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