Busy Bee

I have been quite a busy bee lately.
1. I am planning U B the Sermon Day* at church with Tanya and Wes. This is where we send our entire congregation out all over Nashville to do community service projects. Tanya and I don't actually get to go anywhere since we run the show. Imagine coordinating 300 people in 30 teams and 30 contacts from 30 places all while trying to get donations for the various projects plus lunches for all the volunteers. Yeah, it's a full time job for the few weeks leading up to it.
2. I just got hired as a Stage Manager for a show that will be in rehearsal for the next two months, when it goes into production. I'll give you more info closer to the date in case you're in Nashville and want to come see it. Man, I love stage managing!!

3. This past weekend was the Twilgiht DVD release and Alicia and I totally schooled all those tweens and teens with our trivia knowledge. There were two others that gave us a run for our money. A Unicorn and a lady (probably our age) with reddish hair and a denim jacket. If you find my blog, Girlwiththereddishhairanddenimjacket, we want to be your friend. You seemed as embarassingly Twi-obsessed as us and we can have slumber parties with Rachelle and Ashley and the girls over at LTT/LTR. I drove from a rehearsal dinner in Chattanooga (see #5 below) to attend the release party with my friend and then drove back the next day.

We share nice.

Look at my red eyes, I'm a newborn! Plus, how awesome is that guy?

4. Also, Alicia and I are planning a Twilight viewing party. So if you're gonna be in Nashville Saturday night and want to come watch Twilight on a big screen with Twizzlers and mushroom ravioli and trivia and prizes, hit me up and I'll give you more info. I already invited the bag girl at Publix.

5. This past weekend, one of my husband's BFFs got married. They have a little group we like to refer to as "The Family" and he was the last one to get hitched. We were all really excited because we LOVE his wife. She's amazing. She fits right in.

We're kind of like the mafia.

6. I've got mounds of fabric strips that I've been cutting and ironing to make strip quilts for my family out of the fabric from my Grandma's stash. I realized that rotary cutting required the use of muscles I never knew I had and that if you do it on the floor while sitting cross legged, you can get rug burn on your forearms from your jeans.

7. I've got two Easter dresses to make for my friend Lauren's daughters. She's moving in a few months to another state, so I've been trying to help her out with that a little bit when I have some spare time.

8. I've got 4 sets of necklaces/bracelets to make for the bridesmaids in my step-brother's wedding.

9. My Aunt Sherri is coming in town this week so I can help her put together a banner for my cousin's first communion.
Did I mention I have a real job, too?

*If you'd like info on how to plan one of these days at your church, email me and I'll be happy to answer your questions!


Alicia said...

I think I will pee my pants if the bag girl shows up Saturday night.

Brittany said...

You are a very busy girl!! Is the picture in number one YES camp? It looks like it but it may be somewhere else.

Sunny Tuesday said...

Yes, it is YES. We LOVED working with them last year and are looking forward to working with them again this year.

Sonya said...

You guys are crazy!! So sad I'm missing the Twilight party... I know it will be a blast. I need to talk to Twi-addicts more often.

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