Graduation Gifts

We had quite a few graduates this year at church. The hubs and I work with the youth group and I wanted to do something special for the five girls. I can't tell you what it is because I haven't given them their gifts yet. When I do, I'll upload with details and pics.

What I can show you is how I packaged them. I love ribbon and do not believe a gift is a gift unless it includes some kind of ribbon. Plus, ribbon makes everything prettier. It's a fact.

So I pulled out my ribbon, some tags and some stamps and got to work.

I think they turned out nice, no?


The Thomans said...

Pretty! You're right, ribbon does make everything prettier.

creative breathing said...

Thank you so much for featuring my bluebird on your blog. How sweet of you! The 100th post celebration is for House of Whimsy, a very special lady. My gosh I think I passed the 100th post mark in my first month! I hope to have a big giveaway on my 300th post or one year celebration - which ever comes first! Thank you for your comment and visiting my blog. Elizabeth

Dutch girl loves2bake said...

Very cute! The ribbon is so pretty!

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