Save Your Scraps...

...and make them pretty!

First up, easy anklet (or bracelet, or necklace). I got inspired by this, only I'm lazy and stopped after the first step. You know how I do. Just take three 1/4" scraps, braid them, then tie it around whatever you want to tie it around. Addictive and great for scrap-stash-busting. And keeping kids busy for no money at all!

And then, when I was supposed to be working* cleaning up the bathroom, I stumbled upon a new issue. I've made a bunch of flower hair clips because they're easy. And cute. And addictive. Well, now I have too many hair accessories for my designated HA drawer in my wee little organizer. After pondering a quick moment on where to fit a new organizer (on the wall) and what could hang on a wall that was cheap (a wire hanger) and how to make it pretty with items I already had on hand (fabric scraps, ribbon scraps, yarn scraps, embellishments) I sat down on the super cluttered floor of my (looks like a tornado hit it) craft room and got busy.

Close-up of embellishments. See Pipette? She's so cute. I saved her for a long time - I knew she'd be perfect for something!

And... with the clips on.

You can also hang your brooches on here. That's what the blue flower is.

Hi Mom! Look what I made!

A flower clip in action. I do actually wear them sometimes.

*Don't worry, I actually did get some work done today.


Heather - Speckled Egg said...

What a cute idea! LOVE it!

Linda said...

Very, very nice!!

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