Raindrops and Gilmore Girls

It's a rainy day today. Next week, we're going to The Lou to sort through some of my grandparents' things and to help my Grandpa with some projects around the house. Pray for us - it'll be an emotional week.

As Oldest Cousin, I'm in charge of keeping the cousins (22 in all, from 2 years old to me - 27) occupied while my mom, aunts and uncles get some work done. I think we'll go to the Science Center, a park or two and maybe stay at the house one day and set up a slip & slide in the backyard.

I inherited my Grandma's fabric stash after all my aunts got the opportunity to go through and take what they wanted. I have tubs and tubs of fabric and I'm using some of it to make quilts. I'm halfway done with my first quilt top. I wanted to have a couple tops done by next week so I could bring them with me, but you know how it goes. While sewing this top together, I've been watching Gilmore Girls. It's comforting and familiar and I know several of my aunts and cousins watch it, so I feel connected to them while I'm hundreds of miles away.

No pics yet; rainy days make for dreary pics, but hopefully I'll have the opportunity to post some later this week.

In the mean time, here are some links to quilt patterns I'd like to use.

First up, the one I'm currently working on: Value Quilt

Next, the ones I like but haven't started yet or don't yet have the skill to execute (no promises!):
Spiderweb Quilt
Grandma's Garden
Katie Jump Rope
Garden Party
Wonky Star


Daniel and Angel said...

I think there is a vibe going on with Gilmore Girls. I got the urge to start from Season One on Monday and watch all of the seasons. I didn't though because I still lack the very last season. Sad Day! I am glad to hear you are coming along on the quilts. I know they will be AMAZING!

creative breathing said...

Jessica! It is a pleasure to meet you from my blog comments! You are a newlywed girl! My favorite stage of life. Your blog is charming, I especially loved what you did with just a simple clothes hanger. You truly are a Creative Breather from an early age. I will so enjoy receiving a "block" from you and look forward to making one for you. Thank you for stopping by! Elizabeth

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