New Moon Swap

I recently completed a New Moon swap and my partner was super talented - I got some fantastic stuff!

What I received:

New Moon Sky Bar (long gone by now); New Moon painted tulip box; fake blood; crocheted Bella hat from Twilight (LOVE this!); apple ornaments; crocheted rose (pin or hair tie) and flower necklace inspired by the NM book cover.

Now you have to see the box next to the book to see what an amazing job she did! I was totally blown away!

What I sent out:

Twilight conversation hearts; Twilight themed journal; "Alice" wristwarmers; Cullen crest necklace (beads are related to Edward's eye color); Twilight trading cards

The wristwarmers were a ripoff of a pair Alice is wearing in a movie still. This was the closest color I could find.


Christine Edwards said...

Cute swap...both sent and received. The tulip box is pretty amazing. There is quite the Twilight phenomenon going on. :-)

Allison said...

Those are so awesome!! I especially love the notebook you made, it's fun when you can make great things for cheap. :D

Cute cute blog!

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