Work in Progress

I've been working away on this dresser. Hopefully, I'll be done this weekend and have something to show you!

I've got a few more small objects that I've attacked with various cans of spray paint. Again, hopefully the weather will be nice enough to photograph them this weekend. Maybe a little before and after sesh is in your future!

On another note:

I've been approached a few times to host giveaways and review websites on my blog for compensation. I always turn them down because I prefer to support and promote handmade artists and not corporate retailers. I wouldn't want to (and will not) promote a website because they're paying me to tell you how awesome they are. Then again, I don't blog to make money, I do it because I love to share little bits and pieces of my life with you.

I don't know. What are your thoughts? Do you want more giveaways if they're sponsored and corporate? Do you feel like sponsored reviews are dishonest? Or do you think it's a great way to learn about new products?


nostalgia*gal said...

HI! Hope to met you at the Nashville Flea!
Question I have your site on my side bar BUT your pretty button does not show up..know why?

Your question of promoting blog...what kind of items are they? I think that would make a difference?

I am so happy to have a local blogger. I am not finding any others like us are you finding it like that also?

Hope this post makes since...way past my bedtime.

The Thomans said...

Well, my PERSONAL feeling is that whether corporate or handmade, you should promote products that you feel are quality products. I would rather have a quality corporate product than a mediocre handmade product (not saying that your giveaways thus far have been mediocre - quite the contrary!) But I think it may be equally bad to do a giveaway of something JUST because it's handmade than to NOT give away something JUST because it's corporate, you know? As long as it's something of quality that you feel good about promoting, why not promote it?

Sunny Tuesday said...

I would never give away something that isn't good quality. Sorry, that the handmade item was of good quality was assumed.

Lori said...

i have one tiny small ad on my sidebar...and that is all that i am doing...i have had those emails too...and i am not interested...i do prefer handmade or vintage when i win something, or i am shopping for myself...thanks so much for stopping over to visit with me:)

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

I am featuring your Ruffle lampshade at somedaycrafts.blogspot.com. This should drive a little bit of traffic your way!

The Thomans said...

Sorry - I didn't at all mean to imply that you would just give away any ol' nasty handmade product simply because it was handmade! I don't think that! Just that if you can stand behind a product as a quality product, I don't think you should feel bad about giving it away (or being compensated because you're giving it away) simply because it's NOT handmade (provided, of course, that it's also not made by little children in sweatshops or something).

In other words, I love your handmade giveaways. But if you also wanted to do a giveaway from a corporate sponsor, for which you were compensated, as long as it's still a product you believe in, I don't think anyone would think less of you.

Clear as mud?

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