Oldies but Goodies

It's been a while since I've posted some of my winnings from thrift store and flea market trips, huh?

Click on any of the pics to make them bigger.

Pink planter and floral sheet: thrift store.
Beads, Mouse House sugar bowl, flower salt & pepper shakers: flea markets (including my Super Secret Location Favorite Flea Markets - SSLFFM)

Duck (?) hook: thrift store
Dry skin: model's own

Legion of tiny mammals/birds: thrift store/flea market/SSLFFM
The tiny bird and squirrel I pried from one of those old wood knick knack things. It took a blow dryer, a butter knife and 20 minutes, but I think it was worth it. That bunny - it kinda creeps me out. He's too big and his eyes are pink. In another picture I took, he was staring. right. at you. His eyes followed you around the room. I didn't want to subject you to pink-eyed bunny nightmares, so I nixed that one.

Another Hommer Sewing Box: SSLFFM. I'm starting a collection, so far I have 3. This one, a pin cushion combo that was my grandma's and one almost identical to this one I gave away.

Hey - they're ideal for bridge prizes...

I also love old playing cards. These are from the Nashville Flea Market. I've made a few projects from them but have no idea what else to use them for (or maybe I do?).

Yay! Old boxes.

I have no idea how to play Pinochle. What makes a deck of Pinochle cards different from a regular deck?

Okay, so I've seen quite a few of these two. On the same day I got these at the flea market, my friend Caroline and I went to an estate sale. Where she scored an AWESOME Victorian sofa and we also split a china cabinet/buffet set, but that's beside the point. This house had these prints framed once in the living room and once in the bedroom. That's two of each. Who are you people?

We're off to spend Easter with my family. We will be visiting my SSLFFM, so hopefully I'll have some new stuff to share with you.

Happy Easter!!


JenniferLGraves said...

The pictures are antiques- Pinkie (the girl) is a Thomas Lawrence portrait and the boy is The Blue Boy (original-huh?) by Thomas Gainsborough. They are paired together because they were placed together in the this guy Huntington's collection in the 20's. Fun fact- Pinkie's brother is Elizabeth Barrett Browning's father.

Melissa~ said...

Love all your thrift finds. Especially that pink sewing box!! The thrift store is one of my absolute favorite things to do.

♥ Melissa~
Pink Paper Peppermints

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

great stuff!! love that big pink dish in the first pick:)

Ginger said...

I knew the boy was Blue Boy but didnt know about the girl, thank you Jennifer. Is that my little kitty I see in you post? Have a wonderful Easter.


Sunny Tuesday said...

Jennifer - thanks! So random, but when I got to my mom's today, I noticed in her guest room a tin with The Blue Boy. I feel like I'm being followed. Lol

Ginger - that is your kitty's twin. I scored two!

nostalgia*gal said...

HI! I am loving your finds! I read that others let you know about your blue boy and pink girl...are they not wonderful!

Your question...Laughing…Yes my bed bench sold I think right after you left. One of the first big items to say goodbye. I got a kick that the long short bench with the bright blue linoleum sold to a wonderful girl that custom makes jewelry for her displays.

I am doing a happy dance as I have a button now. Want to trade buttons?
Cheers, cindykay

Sarah @ Hennessey House said...

oooooo. i am particularly coveting that pink planter and the flower salt/pepper shakers. nice finds!!

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