100 Happy Days Tag Book

I was on the phone with my aunt the other night and she was in a funk.  I told her about a little project I did in college when I was in a major funk.  I kept a little notebook, called my "Happy Book :)" that I wrote in every day.  Each day, I would write down things that made me happy.  No repeats and it didn't matter how big or small, I just had to write something.  No matter how bad a day I'd had, I could always find something to be happy about, even if it was just that I'd never fallen out of a tree.

If you write down happy things each and every day, you start to think a little happier and the world seems a little lighter.  And it only takes a few seconds to do.  Focus on the positive.

I decided to make my aunt her own Happy Book to get her started.  I used a book ring, tags and scrapbooking materials.

It was super fast and easy.

Stop back in next week for a tutorial and a Happy Challenge!

C'mon get happy and take the 100 Happy Days Challenge!

Creations by Kara


T's Daily Treasures said...

What a great little gift idea. I am sure just the thought and the effort will be enough to make your aunt very happy indeed. :) Best wishes, Tammy

Ginger said...

What a cute idea, I need to do that. Especially lately. Thanks for the great inspiration.


The Autocrat: Haley said...

Cute cute! Love the idea!

Michelle said...

I love this idea!

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