It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

No, not Christmas!  Even better:  Camp WEBE.  Once a year, the third week of July, we head over to a gorgeous state park and get our Jesus on.

Also included:

Fake senior pictures, silly girls, creativity, beautiful smiles, injured legs, studmuffins

Sweetheart kickball, near-collisions, actual collisions, helping swings, husband homeruns, photographers

Cousins, PeeWee campers, hiking, BFFs, giggles

Human burritos (ta-da!), slip n slidin, water babies, shopping cart acrobatics, t-shirt signing, FACEBALL!, unintentional extreme closeups

Baptisms, late-night prayer vigils, new friends and the love line.

Best. Week. Ever.

*Pictures courtesy of Donald Harris, Megan Inman and me.

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