Flower and Doll Pattern Search

When my sister and I were wee little things, my Grandma made us these flower buds that unfurled into a flower with a little surprise in the middle. 

My surprise was a doll.  Amber's was a family of three tiny bunnies.

We had SO much fun playing with these!  I would love to make one, but I cannot find a pattern for this anywhere.  Can anyone help me out?

Also, I added a few things to my etsy shop - finally!


Jamie said...

You could make your own pattern if you carefully took the flower apart...just trace each piece onto brown packing paper. If you're very careful about how you pick out the stitches, you can seam it back up when you're done.

Mary Ann said...

Hmmm...I think I have that pattern somewhere. Let me take a look.

Mary Ann said...

Hello again...there is probably a way to attach pics to comments but I don't know how:)

So I have a McCalls pattern that looks like your picture. I have posted the front cover on my blog so you can see it.


My email is mabtate@gmail.com

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