We're at the Top of the World

At the very beginning of our relationship, Daniel and I used to drive around our tiny college town in his truck, listening to music.  The Juliana Theory got a lot of airtime in the truck.  One of the songs we'd play over and over was "Top of the World".  It means a lot to us, but it also reminds us of the wonderful group of friends we have.  Daniel and his friends have been to see the band several times and his best friend even used the song in his wedding.  This song is the epitome of "happy".  I need to fill this frame for the nursery and thought it was the perfect sentiment for how we feel about welcoming a new member into our family. 

I whipped this up on the laptop and sent it off to Walgreens for an 8x10 print.  I painted a frame I had on hand and had a mat cut at JoAnn.  Here are a couple copies if you'd like to do the same.  Just click on the pic to make it bigger, right click and save.

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