Tagalong Brownie Pie!

I seriously love this time of year.  Not winter, not Super Bowl (but I like that, too) not Valentine's Day.  Nope, you know what I'm talking about!  GIRL SCOUT COOKIE TIME!  I love me some Girl Scout Cookies!  I can't turn them down.  I think I ordered like 8 boxes from a girl in our neighborhood.  

But those won't come in for a little while and since I JUST SO HAPPEN to have a friend who JUST SO HAPPENS to be a troop leader for a troop that JUST SO HAPPENS to be selling cookies NOW, well, I bought some more and her her ship 'em on down to me. :)

Now, I'm not the best baker and definitely not the best food photographer, but bear with me because you don't want to miss this.  I was brainstorming ways to make desserts even more awesome and I came up with a few ideas that involved Girl Scout Cookies.  Then I got in the kitchen to test one of those ideas out and today, I bring you:

Yeah, Buddy.  You read that right.  It's a pie, it's a brownie, it has Tagalongs... It's a Tagalong Brownie Pie!!!  Squee!!!

Um, so delicious and so freaking easy.  Here's how to make your own!

You will need:
1 box of brownie mix (plus whatever the package says you need)
1 graham cracker crust
1 box of Tagalongs

Mix the brownie batter according to package instructions.  Friendly little tip here: splurge a little on the pasteurized eggs so you can finish off whatever batter doesn't fit into the pie shell.  I ♥ brownie batter!

Add a layer of brownie batter to the bottom of your pie shell.

Top that with a layer of Tagalongs.

Add the rest of the brownie batter.  (You could also just add a thin layer of batter, then another layer of Tagalongs and top it with batter, if you're feeling crazy!)

Bake according to package directions for an 8x8 pan.  You will probably need to bake for about 10 minutes longer.  Just stick a toothpick in and when it comes out mostly clean (not gooey), it's done!

This is the part that will kill you.  Let it cool down for at least 30 minutes.  I'm sorry.  You can do it!

Then cut in and enjoy!  It's super rich - you'll just want a small piece.  Probably.  And a glass of milk.

Check back in later this week and if my sister hasn't gone into labor, I may post another Girl Scout Cookie dessert recipe! :)

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Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} said...

Shut the front door! You already have your hands on GSC??? Mine won't be here for another couple of weeks. :P This pie looks sooooo good. I will definitely be making some IF my Tagalongs survive long enough. I might add some extra peanut butter to the pie! (Or just get the PB brownie mix - that would be easier.) Yum! Pinnin'!

The Rosenau's said...

oh my gosh this looks delicious! When can i come get a piece?


The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

now this is the STUFF!!! whohoooooooooooooooooooo man do i LOVE this combination!!!! i have to go find a girl scout RIGHT NOW!!!!! :) thanks so much for sharing this -- this is a MUST HAVE...thinking a good snack for the SUPER BOWL!!!! sending hugs!!!

Liz said...

Well, my dear, Livy Lu thanks you!! I'm glad I can help! And now... I must dig into my leftover STASH for some Tags to make THIS!!

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