Easiest Ever Wrap Charm Bracelet

I rarely ever take the time to make anything for myself.  When I do, it's gotta be something quick cause now that my baby is m-o-b-i-l-e, I have less time than ever!

This wrap bracelet fits the bill!  It's so insanely quick and costs practically NOTHING.  

Do you have $0 and about 2 minutes?  Great!

You will need a long skinny scrap of fabric (cut on the bias) and a charm.

First, rough up your fabric scrap a little.  I like to run my nail along it to kind of stretch it out and make it a little shabby at the edges.

Twist the end up and thread the charm onto the fabric.  

Here's the part where I'm supposed to tell you my thigh looks unusually huge in this pic and it's not that big in real life.  Except it is. Ha!

Wrap it around your wrist and you are DONE!

See?  SO easy!

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Carrie said...

SUPER cute!

Kate said...

1. your leg is not even close to "huge" &

2. This is so cute! Could not be easier & I love the fabric you chose :)

Justine said...

Stopping by from the Saturday Seven Party! http://queenofsavings.com

Handmade by Hilani said...

Super cute! I'll try this next. Found you on Sumo's Sweet Stuff.

Serendipity and Spice said...

How adorable! I hope you'll come by and link up:http://www.serendipityandspice.com/2012/02/manic-monday-7.html

Rachael Honner said...

SO sweet! Glad I popped by.

Holly Lefevre said...

That is so darn sweet!

Alicia Yamashita said...

How simple yet totally AWESOME, I love it!

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