I ♥ Hair Bows

Hair bows are so simple and cheap to make, every mom should know how to make them. I hope and pray God will bless me with a little girl one day (not any time soon!) but until then, I love making bows for my friends' daughters.

The best website in the world (in my opinion) for learning to make bows can be found here: http://www.girlythingsbows.com/

The few tips I would add are:

1. Use a needle and thread to sew the bow in place. Using wire is easier, but I like the added security that sewing provides. The loops don't slide when you sew through the crease like they do when you wrap the crease with wire.

2. SEAL YOUR ENDS. It drives me crazy when this short, final step is skipped. It takes only seconds but really helps the bows last wear after wear. I prefer using a lighter to seal the ends over Fray Check.

3. Don't get your clips from craft stores. At a beauty supply store (I go to Sally) you can get a box of 100 alligator clips for around $5.

This is my favorite, the pinwheel bow.

1 comment:

The Thomans said...

Love the bow! And the child model is the cutest kid ever!

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