Saturday Seven - Skirts and Dresses

I've been getting the sewing bug lately and though I haven't had the time to do anything about it, I will soon! I've made one dress so far (I guess you could say I'm a bit of an apparel newbie) and I love the ease of wearing dresses and skirts. So this week, it's a list of sewing tutorials for dresses and skirts!

1. Twirly Skirt - I don't know if it's the fabric choice in the sample or the detail in the tutorial, but I am taken with this skirt from House on Hill Road!

2. Simple Sundress - This would be for the little ones. It's a variation on the pillowcase dress from Habitual. I love how this dress grows with the child! Very economical. Since she'll get more use out of it, you can justify splurging a little on the fabric.

3. Tiered skirt - I love the frayed hem on this simple summer skirt from a Friend to knit with. I'm sure you could adjust the measurements to make an adult version.

4. Patchwork Circle Dress - I've seen this done as a skirt as well. What a great way to use up every scrap of fabric you own! I suppose you could go with a color combo, but if you want a really funky pattern, just use what you have. From Just Tutes.

5. Toddler Dress Recon - Does you little girl need a new dress? Grab one of Daddy's old button-up shirts and get to cheytown's tutorial on craftster. I'm not going to elaborate - you have to see it for yourself.

6. Pillowcase Skirt - This skirt from leakkramer is so easy peasy, I bet you could get it done in an hour. And then you'd have a new handmade skirt. Which is awesome.

7. Peasant Skirt - This tutorial from j caroline creative even has a handy dandy calculator right on the page. All you have to do is enter your waist measurement and it gives you the measurements you'll need to make the skirt. So barely any math on your part. And with me, the less math involved, the more likely I am to succeed!

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The Thomans said...

What about the bedsheet sundress? I think that deserves a spot on here! And you should definitely model the one you made.

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