Seven x Seven - Tasty Treats

Tis the season to gain 5 pounds.

1. Christmas Butter Cookies - These cookies from daily yarns 'n more look delicious! Two sticks of butter! I think that's really all I have to say, but I'm sure once you add icing, they're downright sinful.

2. Cashew-Caramel Cookies - I love cashews and can't wait to try these cookies from plumpudding. They sound absolutely decadent.

3. Krispy Kreme Cheesecake - This looks awesome. And by awesome, I mean disgusting. And by disgusting, I mean I'm about to hop in the car to go get the ingredients now because I can't wait to try it. Thank you, Deep Fried Kudzu. I now hate you. And by hate you, I mean love you.

4. Pinecone Cheese Ball - Anyone who knows me knows I love cheese! This is such a cute idea for winter and looks simple. From My Paper Crane.

5. Chocolate Marshmallow Surprise Cookies - I think the title says it all, there. I'm really digging the pink sprinkles on these cookies from The Apronista. For more recipes, visit her food blog here.

6. Chicken Pot Pie Soup - It's pouring rain outside and this sounds like just the thing to warm my bones! From Joyful Abode.

7. Christmas Tree Pops - What kind of treat post would this be if I didn't include Bakerella? She's got instructions for these and about a million other variations, so go check it out!

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