Saturday Seven - Getitwhileyoustillcan Children's Toys

I think most people don't realize the ramifications of this new law, cause if they did, I'm sure there would be mass hysteria.

Anyway. Here are some of my personal favorite toys from etsy. Buy 'em while you can!

1. Little Red Riding Hood Set - I love this little playset from tenfingerworkshop. Because they're made from wood, they're sure to hold up for ages!

2. Rainbow Play Silk - It's a cape! It's a ballgown! It's a tent! It's hand dyed, from BeneathTheRowanTree.

3. Felt Sack Lunch Set - bugbitesplayfood includes everything you need for a yummy lunch! Well, everything you need for a pretend lunch, anyway.

4. Storybook Blocks - Each block nurserylove makes is unique and so adorable!

5. Custom Cloth Book - I love this idea from exlibrishandmade! The name you choose for the front gets spelled out throughout the book. You can also pick your own theme!

6. Joshua the Dinosaur - I'm a big fan of wooden toys (if you didn't notice already) and I love the simplicity of this dino from BBCrafts!

7. Mini Baby Doll - This tiny doll from PolarBearCreations is precious! Perfect for little hands and small enough to tote anywhere! You can visit her website, too.

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