I'm Not a Lush

These were among the "give this to Jessica to see if she can do something with it" batch from my Grandparents' house. I don't know what I'll do with them yet. Maybe nothing. Aren't they pretty just how they are? And yes, a few of those bottles still have liquor in them. And no, I won't be drinking that. I have no idea how old these are (look at some of those labels!) but I'm sure they're old enough that the proof is like a thousand. Ideas? Right now the Dewer's bottle is acting as a bud vase.


Sher said...

Who gave you these? I think they were my bottle collection as a child. :)

Sunny Tuesday said...

They were in one of the boxes of clothes and such from Aunt Diane's.

If you want them, they're all yours!

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