Delia Shmelia

I'd like to preface this post by admitting that I am about a decade too old to be wearing anything from Delia's. However, I get the catalog and since I get the catalog, I look at the catalog. So one day, while looking at the catalog full of clothes I'm way too old for, I saw this snazzy little number:

For a mere $24.50. As much as I LOVE, and I mean lurv that shirt, I obviously would not buy anything out of the catalog I'm way too old for and especially not a tie dye t-shirt that I could make myself for much, much less than $24.50. Which I was NOT opposed to.

A pack of men's Hanes v-necks, a few rubberbands, and some summer camp dye later, and we have:

A total knock-off. And my current favorite tee.


Jennifer said...

Hahaha, first off, as long as it looks cute on you and not skanky, you are never too old for clothes from that catalog, second, I love the shirt its adorable.

Jane-Elise said...

I love your shirt. I totally love blue and green together....always, always have - since forever. And, I have never had a tie-dyed shirt. So, the next time you get the urge to tie-dye, let me know. PLEASE!!!

Christine Edwards said...

Well I'm so old that I had never heard of Delia's until last week when someone else posted a cute b&w houndstooth check scarf from there. :-) Your tee turned out just as cute, you look adorable in it, and you did it yourself...huzzah!

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