Fabulous Jewel Tone Handbag (& A Quilt!)

I pulled this out of the "yard sale" pile. Can you believe no one wanted this?

It was my grandmother's. She didn't finish it. I like it just how it is, though there were extra supplies in the box. I could finish it, but since it's probably been like this for the past 40 years (box is dated 1968), maybe that's how it should stay! Click the picture to see the detail.

This is a quilt I (finally) finished for a friend's baby. Who is now 1. Better late than never! Hopefully this will get handed over to Kim & Cohen this week.

This is the first quilt I've finished. I cheated a little by quilting it using my sewing machine, but I did finish the binding by hand. Lotta work for a little quilt.


kawaii crafter said...

Love the handbag and it looks like something I would find today at Nordstroms. I'd wear it.

MafiosaGrrl said...

this quilt is darling!

Fidget said...

My grandmother had that purse and carried it! I gasped when I saw the picture. Thanks for bringing back some good memories of Grandmother.

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