I Pretty Much Stole These

Do you ever get something for so cheap, you almost feel bad buying it, like you stole it? I picked up these puzzles from the dollar store today. For $1, obviously.

I love this one. The doors are so fun. I'd like to live on a street where the houses had doors that looked like this.

You may have to click on this picture to see the detail, but these little cottages look downright enchanted to me.

I'm about to wrap a couple of these up to send off to a friend who is recovering from an accident. She can't really move a whole lot right now, but she does like to do crossword and jigsaw puzzles!

PS - I haven't forgotten about my belated 1 year blogiversary giveaway! The show that's been taking all my time closes tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be able to put something up next week!


The Thomans said...

I think all you have to do is convince all your neighbors to change out their front doors to something more fun and eclectic, and VOILA! Puzzle doors. How hard can that POSSIBLY be?

T's Daily Treasures said...

I love doors! Whenever we go to another place, another country, I take pictures in doorways. Your tiny pies and candy corn brownies sound yummo ! Might be giving the brownies a try very soon as I have candy corn in the cupboard. Best wishes to you, :) Tammy

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