Christmas Cards 2009

I made our cards again this year. Simple fabric Christmas trees were what I went with.

Here's how:
1. Cut tree-shaped triangles out of scrap fabric.

2. Snip short lengths of brown ribbon for trunks.

3. Thread the top of your sewing machine with thread to match the fabric.

4. Thread the bobbin with thread to match the inside of your card.

5. Place the tree and trunk where you want them on the card. I put mine in the bottom right corner.

6. Sew it on and snip the excess thread.

7. Stamp a message on the inside. I used one from the $1 bin at Michael's.

8. Sign your name, address the envelope and send it off!

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Jessica said...

Super cute!!

Janna said...

I always envy those gals who are together enough to actually MAKE their Christmas cards. I don't think I've hand written a card since I discovered Costco's photo cards 8 yrs ago. I hope to make my own in the near future because I love getting the handmade ones.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Very cute and crafty! :) Happy Holidays! Tammy

Annie said...

I like the simple design- very cute!

Allison @ little lovelies said...

Jessica - thanks for linking up! I love stitched cards and these are so cute!

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