Pattern Challenge: Simplicity 5695

A few weeks ago, I finished my first piece for the Pattern Challenge I'm doing with Come See the Seitz.  It's a pattern for a little girl's dress with 6 variations.  I went with View D.  It was pretty easy, didn't take a ton of fabric and was quick to make.  Plus, it was only $1 on sale at JoAnn.  Just how I like it! The only part that gave me trouble was sewing on the sleeves.  You gather them first and then sew them to the body.  It was a little difficult, but I just went slow and it turned out all right.  Everything else was easy-peasy.  This is a great dress for beginners.  Hopefully in about a month, this dress will find a girl to love. :)

1 comment:

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

what a sweet lil dress:)

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