Easy Tag Book Ideas

Making a tag book is so simple and the possibilities are endless!  Here are some of the tags I decorated for my 100 Happy Days tag book.

First, you need a box of tags and some book rings.  I got mine at Staples.

I used 52 tags for my tag book, but you can use however many you want. 

You probably have most of the supplies on hand to decorate your tag book, so this is a great de-stashing project.  I used a 2" round punch and a 2" scalloped punch, paper scraps, stamps ($1 bin at Michael's), and a few embellishments.

You can use index cards...

and stamps.

You can fold them in half and glue over an edge - and decorate two sides at the same time.

Stack them up...

and add buttons.  If you have a scrap that's too small for a whole circle, just cut out what you can and glue to a side or corner.

Pull a ribbon through the loop.

Use self-adhesive ribbon to add a stripe.

Use grommets to attach circles.

And overlap them.  All this with just a couple punches and some stamps.


Janna said...

You got me hooked on those manila tags. Now you're just feeding my addiction! Great ideas - I'll be copy-catting this soon!

Gaby Bee said...

Great idea! This tag book is really lovely!

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