Insta-Friday: 2

 This is where I tell you about my week in pictures.  Here we go. 

1. I got a membership at The Y.  This is my face after my first workout since Baby E was in mah belleh, the size of a blueberry.  Work it, girl.

I've been going a little crazy making bows out of the St. Louis Cardinals ribbon I got in.

I've also been working on some newborn headbands.  We decided to omit the sequin bows since they're for everyday wear. 

Baby E somehow got the strap to my tote bag over her arm and head.  That's how I wear her diaper bag.  I like to think she's a genius. 

I made some teeny bows for an order this week.  They're just about 1.5" across. 

This specimen.  You wouldn't believe the hipsters that filed out of this.  On their way to Taco Bell.  Doing weird things with their arms.  Just like a hipster.

That's all, folks!

life rearranged

1 comment:

The Housework Can Wait said...

Holy cow, you actually followed through and joined the Y. I'm impressed!

And yes, Baby E IS a genius. Absolutely.

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