St. Louis Cardinals Bows

Maybe you knew that I grew up in St. Louis.  We used to go to Cardinals games every summer.  I'd try to convince my dad that suntan lotion was an acceptable form of sunscreen (come ON, Dad! It has an SPF of 4!) and we would get those Whoppers ice cream cups that you ate with a little wooden paddle.  Also, when our elementary school treated the 4th & 5th grade patrol officers to a game, I caught a wild hare and kissed William Duncan on the cheek.  Yep, I was a 5th grade floozy. 

So it should come as no surprise that when I found some St. Louis Cardinals baseball ribbon, I snatched it right up!  I got to work on it this weekend and have posted the first few bows from my Limited Edition line of St. Louis Cardinals bows over at Hair Bow of the Month Club!

Head on over to check it out.  I'm posting them as I finish them and when they're gone, they are gone!

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Rose :: Fine Craft Guild . com said...

Jessica, that is one pretty hair bow. Must learn to tie bows like that!
Do come link it up with us at our linky party at http://www.finecraftguild.com . We would love to share this with readers! (and hope you'll return in future with lots of tutorials, and creative things to make yourself)

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