Apples, you say?

Look who decided to pop in this summer!

I must say, we were a little surprised to see them. This is our third summer at our house. Last summer, we had no apples at all and the summer before they were little bitty. This year, however, boy do we have apples! And they are big, a little bigger than my fist. We have no clue what they are, but we googled "poisonous apples" and couldn't find any. We did find a recipe for poisonous apples, but none that are naturally. We figured since we couldn't find any evidence to the contrary, these must be safe to eat! So we got cookin!

Saturday, we made an apple cobbler (sorry, I didn't think to take a pic before it was gone). Paired with Purity Homemade (but not really) Vanilla ice cream, it was yummy! We had a jam-packed Sunday, so no apple goodies. Yesterday we got to work. We thinly sliced three quarts of apples to make apple butter. And then this morning we learned our lesson about trusting online recipes. I don't care what cooks.com says, you can't put apples on high overnight. Unless your overnight is four hours. We now have a crock pot full of burnt apples that I still need to throw away. :(

However, not all bad came of last night's attempt at apple butter. We greatly misjudged how many apples would equal three quarts, so we had a lot left over. I remembered seeing this recipe from not martha. I had originally wanted to try them in the jars, but I couldn't find any small enough. So muffin tin tiny apple pies it was!

Isn't it cuuute? Precious little pie! And honey, was it good! Daniel and I each had one last night and then I had one this morning because when it comes to sweets, I have no self control. They were really easy to make, too. I used refrigerated pie dough and since I don't like to waste something as tasty as pie dough, I made these with the leftovers:

I just mushed all the pie dough scraps into one big ball, rolled it out and cut it into rectangle-ish shapes. Then I sprinkled a cinnamon sugar mixture over all of it and baked it at 400 degrees until they didn't look raw anymore. The original idea was to use them to dip the apple butter, but that didn't work and they're perfectly tasty on their own!

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Anonymous said...

I remember my mom would do this with leftover dough. It was always one of my favorites!-- Erin

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