Saturday Seven - Back to School

More like Back to Cool! Who says school has to be boring? If I had this great stuff in school, I would've been more excited about going for sure!

1. Fabric Covered Push Pins - How cute are these from craftlog? They seem super simple to make and would be a great way to use up your tiny scraps of fabric.

2. Decoupage a Notebook - I see lots of gorgeous notebooks in my future! This tutorial from Grace Violet makes it seem like a piece of cake. Also, I'm a big fan of taking something cheap (50 cent notebook) and making it look like you sent 20 times that much at a boutique!

3. Pretty Binder Cover - Lola...again has the most amazing tutorial for sewing a cover for a cheap (there's that word again!) three ring binder. I never seem to have enough room in any of my binders even with a pencil case and this is definitely near the tippy top of my to-do list!

4. The September - Remember when school actually started after Labor Day? Me too. And this pendant from etsy seller StaceyDawn reminds of those good old days. What a wonderful way to upcycle old colored pencils. Each of these pendants come on a sweet ribbon, but can be used on any chain.

5. Art Tote - Family Fun has tons of great craft ideas - but I really love this tubular art tote. Being a nanny, I know I got sick of art coming home tattered in an old manila envelope that needed to be returned to school. This way, kids can forgo the "must return" envelopes and have art in one piece!

6. Reusable Sandwich Wrap - The length of the average school year here in the U.S. is 180 days. If you pack your own lunch, that's 180 plastic bags per person that end up in landfills. This reusable sandwich wrap from The Small Object is ecologically responsible - and it's cute to boot!

7. Chalkboard Bangle - Last, but certainly not least is this chalkboard bangle from etsy seller dlkdesigns. I literally gasped when I saw this for the first time. I can't believe what a great idea this is! Each bangle comes with a piece of white chalk, so you can let the world know how you feel, do some long division or write down directions.

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