Saturday Seven - Football!

This weekend was the kickoff for college football. We're in the South and it's a huge deal. Daniel and I are die-hard Vols. We got our season tickets in the mail last week (Woot!) and we meet his dad for almost every home game. The first game is on Monday and then in two weeks, the first home game. Not only do we get the excitement of the first home game, we get to share it with his parents and our nephew, Tripp. We can scarcely stand the wait!

Now, onward! To the Football edition of Saturday Seven.

1. Little Tiny Edible Footballs - Who says football has to be all manly, huh? Leave it to us crafty types to feminize anything. Or to masculinize anything, depending on which way you look at it.
Bakerella has turned her delicious Oreo truffles into these deliciously adorable tiny edible footballs.

2. DIY Stadium Cushions - Can you imagine the possibilities for these stadium cushions from Steve & Cathie of Creative Juice? Use iron-on vinyl and you can make any fabric into a perfectly adorable cush for your tush. And if you've ever been to Neyland Stadium, you will understand the beauty of that. And if you're planning on taking one to Neyland, make sure it's no more than 12 inches. None of this recliner-seatback nonsense. There's no room for that. In fact, I've been known to "accidentally" knock those people in the head with my knee. On purpose.

3. Football Cozy - I would totally make this if I got along with crochet hooks. Which I don't. But Alicia of Create! does, and it's adorable!

4. Football Scarf - This would be so perfect for the last few games of the season here. You know, when it's frigid and they're all out of hot chocolate? You can buy the pattern for this football scarf by dianelangan at her etsy shop, which has lots of other amazing patterns, too.

5. UT Necklace - I have never seen this method of incorporating ribbon into a necklace, but I'm in love! I mean seriously, who wouldn't want to wear this beautiful necklace from etsy seller notplainjane? I'll even forgive her for being a Georgia Bulldog! :) Check out her shop for other styles and colors. If you don't see what you're looking for, you can request one in your preferred color palette.

6. Raider Handbag - I love the pleats in this handbag from craftster user Diesels_Mom. All the details put into it make it look very professional.

7. Patriots Illusion Scarf - The pattern sneaks up on you in this scarf from craftster user Rumpazel. It's very impressive, especially for her first designed pattern!

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