Spot of Sunshine on a Dreary Day

It's been kinda rainy here this week and I decided to revamp a kinda ugly headband into a kinda cute headband. You're bound to have a couple of questions, so I'll answer some up front.

First, why do I have this ugly headband? Because I got it from Claire's in a 10/$5 sale as part of a 2-band pack. The other headband in the pack was solid orange, and being a huge Vol fan, I thought I'd get some wear out of that one. So I bought the pack.

Second, you may wonder to yourself why I, a 26 year old woman, would want to wear a giant flower headband. I will probably give this to one of the little girls at church who would appreciate it more and not get made fun of. Though I might wear it this football season, since it's still orange, conveniently. :)

Now let's get on to the how-to portion of this post.

Old fabric covered headband
Hot glue gun
Ribbon, similar to width of your headband
Thread & needle
Silk flower

Step 1: Cut one end of the fabric casing and slide it off of the headband. It should look something like this:

Step 2: After heating up your hot glue gun, cut two small (1" to 2") pieces of ribbon. I like to heat seal the ends with a lighter for good measure. Glue them over the ends of the headband like so:

Step 3: Next, you'll get your spool of ribbon. Heat seal the loose end. Without cutting the ribbon from the spool, begin to wrap the ribbon around the headband to cover the plastic. Put a dot of glue every inch or so to the underside of the headband to secure the ribbon.

Step 4: Here is where I went wrong the first time. I originally cut the stem off the flower and hot glued the flower to the headband. This caused the flower to stand off the top of the headband like a inch, which made it look ridiculous when worn. So I rethought the process and came up with a better idea. Your flower will have a front middle part (it's yellow in the example) and a plastic green part on the back. I separated these from the petal part.

Step 5: I found a button that was about the same size as the middle of the flower and thread that matched the ribbon. I suppose you could use thread that matched the button instead. In a stack I sewed the button, petals, and headband together, starting the knot underneath the flower, up through the flower using the original hole, up through the button and back down and around, catching the headband on my way back up. Do this several times to make sure it's secure and tie it off when you're done.

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Anonymous said...

cute, cute, cute! I want to make one for each of my granddaughters.

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