Too tired. Must sleep.

Instead of posting the final Seven x Seven installment today, I'm going to go to sleep and post tomorrow.  I like to draw out the excitement.  Or else I'm too tired to post today.  Sundays are always very busy.  

Church - Lunch - Grocery Store - Baby Shower - Home to change - JoAnn's for supplies - 8th Birthday Date with a very special little girl and two Krispy Kreme Sundaes* - kind of busy.  

Yes, you read that right.  Our local Krispy Kreme now has not just doughnuts, but doughnuts topped with vanilla soft serve and drizzled with chocolate sauce.  I even talked the girl into making ours with hot-fresh-now doughnuts so it was melty as well.  They're stupid.  And I mean, "that's dope!" kind of stupid.  Deliciously stupid.  And probably about a million calories.  But we had fun.  

*I think they stole this idea from my brain.  You can ask my husband.

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