Hair Band Tutorial

I am not one to throw out scraps, so I've been whipping up some hairbands out of my leftover headband material (aka FOE, aka fold over elastic).  In my extensive research* I learned that these hairbands are better for your hair than your basic ponytail holder.
*By "extensive research" I mean I heard it somewhere a couple of times. 

My friend Kenya saw one on my wrist recently and she was all "WHERE did you get that? I've been looking everywhere".  And I was all "Girl, I MADE this!"  Then, like many of the things I make, I insisted it was so easy and you could totally make this!  Now, sometimes "easy" in my mind turns out not to be easy in reality, but I stand by my judgement on this. EASY. So easy it doesn't need a tutorial, but I made one anyway.  So here ya go!

You will need: 
Fold Over Elastic (I love this place and this place)

BAM!  Done!  See, that only took like a minute.  Less if you're better at operating a lighter than I am.  Plus it only cost pennies to make and they retail for $1-2 each.  EACH!  Highway robbery, I tell ya!

And if you're anything like me, your hair only sees a styling product once a week.  The other 6 days, I can feel a teensy bit more chic with my didn't-take-a-shower-today-because-I-have-a-needy-baby ponytail.  Yeah.

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Stacie Lopez said...

Love this Jess :)

cre8ivesky said...

I swapped for some of these on whoopdwhoop awhile back and I LOVE them! I had wondered just what the elastic was that they were made out of- thanks for the links! Your blog is really adorable! Hope you have a great rest of the week :)

silly eagle books said...

I just paid good money for some of these--next time, I'm making my own. :) Thanks for letting us in on the secret.


Lindsay said...

Fabulous tutorial! Very useful information! I'd love for you to share this at Show & Share--


Kimberly T. said...

I always wondered what kind of elastic those were made out of. I've never heard of fold over elastic. I've got to make some of these now, because with 5 girls in the house, we've got a few ponytails around. :)

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