First Birthday Plans?

We have been through the ringer this week with a stomach bug, thus the lack of posts.  No crafting has been done, but there has been plenty of down time for pinning!

Now, my baby is NOT going to be 1 YEAR OLD in three months.  She is not.  But if she were, I would be considering themes for her party.  I would want something simple and cute and easy to do.

And PoLkA dOtS would be it!

Now, I may or may not have started a polka dot themed board on Pinterest.

First, you'll need a cute tablecloth:

Some polka dotted straws and favor bags:

Add in fun decorations:

What's a girl's first birthday without a polka dot tutu?

Source: etsy.com via Jessica on Pinterest

Can't forget the cake and balloons!

Check out my board for more polka dot ideas!


Wendy @ Ramblings from the Sunshine State said...

Very cute theme! I am in the midst of planning my daughters 3rd birthday. Target has some very cute polka dot items too!

Unknown said...

I was definitely noticing all the polka dots you were pinning! I've been up to my eyeballs in pink stuff - now to narrow down all the ideas! Oh, and now she says she wants an orange party!!! Aaaaggghhh!

Kate @ DCL said...

ok. you MUST do this! so cute :)

Unknown said...

Polka dots are my fav! We did a polka dot themed party for our daughter's first birthday and it turned out beautiful.

Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} said...

This would be a SUPER fun 1st birthday party theme! IF you were planning a 1st birthday party. ;) I can't believe I have to throw one next month. :( Its too soon!

Andrea @ The Dawley Fam said...

The polka dot theme is adorable!! I can't wait to see what you come up with. Hope y'all are feeling better~ ~Andrea

Carrie said...

If I were having a baby girl turn a year old in three months (which I am NOT!) that would be a super cute theme to consider. Too bad my baby is never turning a year.

Tennessee Sugar said...

Love the idea of a polka dot themed 1st birthday- can't believe it is almost that time!

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